Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Please note that all terms and conditions listed out below have been written with careful consideration and apply to all passengers and bookings unless otherwise stated.

In the case of emergency, or out of hours contact, please contact the office number first, which is: 01843 227757. After 5pm, this will divert directly to Steves mobile.
In the event that no one picks up, please call
– Steve directly on 07973 133448
– or Melissa on 07463 278061
– otherwise, please contact your driver.


All enquiries that have been made through the website, https://www.loyalty-connections.co.uk will be responded to with a quote price, in GBP (Pounds Sterling) and give you a confirmation if the booking has been booked if you accept the quote.
If you have emailed on either email address, steve@loyalty-connections.co.uk or office@loyalty-connections.co.uk the same process will be provided as above.

After this, you can request a copy of driver details so you have a point of contact, before, during and after your trip, if this applies to you.
The shortest and most direct route in both directions will be taken unless otherwise specified and the hirer will be liable for any extra time or mileage covered to meet a party’s requirements. In addition to those quoted for. The rates for such additions are to be discussed with the driver before departure. In the unlikely even that an accident, or something beyond our control has happened on route, we will divert off route to get to the destination as quickly and as safely as possible.

The company does not guarantee to complete any journey in any given time and apart from the cover conferred by the by the compulsory statutory insurance against third party risk as required by S.151 Road Traffic Act 1960 and S.148 Road Traffic Act 1972, it does not support responsibility for any loss, damage, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, break-down or delay attributed to reasons beyond control of the company.
Road Traffic Act 1960 and other statutory provisions relate to the hiring of the vehicle, its use and the conveyance and behaviour of the passengers. The hirer undertakes to comply with all laws and regulations relating to contract operations.

The company accepts no responsibility for the non-observance of any alterations to the hiring arrangements unless agreed to and confirmed in writing by the company beforehand. 

Luggage and Seating

There is room for reasonable amounts of baggage and equipment which can be carried at the discretion of the driver. All items are carried at owner’s risk and the company will not normally be responsible for loss or damage. 
All lost property items are deposited at the company office which all enquiries should be addressed. A fee will be payable in accordance with regulations.

The Driver is responsible for the safety of their vehicle and passengers and must be allowed to decide what conduct and behaviour is permissible. Standing on the seats is not permitted and the hirer will defray the cost of making good any damage done to the vehicles by the passengers.
All regulations relating to Driver hours and rest periods must be complied with. Children are carried in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations.

No vehicle may carry passengers in excess of the authorised seating capacity. The company reserves to substitute other operators vehicles for its own to carry out journey if necessary.

Cancellation and Charges

Service Charges – There will be a service charge for people who spend over £1000 via credit / debit card.
Cancellation Charges – This applies to Tours and Account customers only.
If cancelled before 21 days of booked date, 25% administration fee will apply
If cancelled between 20 and 14 days, 50% administration fee will apply
If cancelled between 13 and 7 days, 75% administration fee will apply
If cancelled between 6 days and the date booked, 90% administration fee will apply.

Other terms and conditions

No unauthorized bill, placard or poster may be displayed on any vehicle.
In the event of a National Emergency, strike, or for any reason beyond the control of the company, the company reserves the right to cancel any booking and refund any monies paid without further obligation.
Where the company acts as an agent i.e. in the purchase of tickets, meals, accommodation etc. the organizer and/or passengers, shall be responsible for any loss sustained by the company in the booking of these services and must observe any conditions imposed on the company by the suppliers. 
Net cash at time of booking or 7 days prior to journey. The coach parking fee is the responsibility of the hirer. 

End of Terms and Conditions

Last updated – 29th May 2024